M4L editor-Live 8-serialosc compatibility?

  • So I have Live 9 coming when it is released, whcih uses Max6, so this is probably a moot point, but in the mean time I think I'm caught in compatibility limbo.

    Live 8 default Max editor is Max5, but as I understand it, serialosc does not work with Max5. So I can't attempt writing any serialosc M4L patches with Live 8? Is that right?

    Any clever work-around suggestions? I'm itching to try coding some arc ideas.

  • serialosc not compatible with max5? where did you get that? o.O

  • SerialOSC will work with any version of Max.

    However, it's possible that the serialosc patches written so far use Max 6 objects so won't work with Max 5.

    But as you can set ableton 8 to use Max 6 as it's editor instead of Max 5 it shouldn't make a difference anyway.

  • Addition: only possible if you own full max6 too (not just m4l) with live 8

  • Can you not download and install Max 6 on a trial then set ableton to use it anyway? I thought once you owned M4L you could use it with any version of max whether fully installed or on trial.

  • We all thought that. Unfortunately, it is false. M4L is an editor, and thus requires a license that allows editing.

  • the serialosc bpatcher was developed with max 5. the only serialosc apps that dont support max 5 are ones that use max 6 exclusive objects.

    i wouldn't be surprised if max 6 becomes default in Live 9 M4L.

  • it is.. m4l in live 9 needs max 6.1 (both in beta as of now)

  • Ahh .. that's it. Not a serialosc issue at all.. I can't edit with M4L unless I'm using Max5, which prevents me from using Max6 exclusive patches simultaneously. Maybe until Live 9 comes, I can just write my own patches while having Live running Max5, and then, when I want to play them along side Max6 exclusive patches, I'll set Live to use Max6.

    Write in 5, play in 6.

    That'll work...I think.

  • That's a pain and a half. But worth trying!