problem with pattern recorder in mlrv 2.2

  • new issue: pattern recorders 3 and 4 are not working

    I've just bought a new macbook pro and I did the general setup for my gs64... it works correctly! but I can't select it in mlrv. I'm using the monomeserial bridge and it works too. when I select monome64 as controlling device, then I cannot select my device, because the device input is not clickable

    I'm running mlrv on Max runtime 5.1.9 on Mac OS 10.8.2

    please help me

    PS: here is a screenshot of the max window error

  • anyone had the same problem?

  • 2.3 is just around the corner with support for serialosc

    In the mean time try this version

  • thank you very much!
    this one works perfectly :D

    thealphanerd you're my new hero

  • argh just one more thing..
    the pattern recorder seems to not work correctly in the version you provided me:
    p1 and p2 work correctly but when I press the button assigned to pattern recorder 3 it stay lit but doesn't record anything and the button assigned to pattern recorder 4 stay lit only when I press it.

    what to do?

  • Not sure why this is breaking... but fwiw 2.3 should be coming out very very soon and should solve these problems

  • Ok! Maybe it's just a matter of mapping... I will check.

    Thank you again for your help!

    Ps: do you know if there's any way to make the pattern recorder work as it is on the classic mlr? (=just start and stop?)