2013 RPM Challenge

  • It's on. Who's in?

  • I am, haven't finished in a couple of years, so we'll see how this one works out. I started last year as well, but....

  • I'm in too...I'm hoping having some time off this month will help me but I need to FOCUS! (also, apparently there are quite a few maintenance tasks that need doing around the House according to my better half - but screw that idea!)

  • Yeah.

    On the one hand, I'm unfinished on several MCRP and community compilation CDs, myself. What's one more project to abandon?

    On the other, if I set out to finish 10 songs and only complete 3, that's 3 songs I wouldn't have completed otherwise.


  • im in! Took the day off work today to start cutting samples and making instruments, then off to jam with the funk band ;D

    im trying to do a fair number of collaborations this time round, if anyone is keen, we could swap sets, do a remix or too to pad out the track count? I always wind up doing three or four polished tracks, one weird generative set and an unvarnished live button mashing set at the end. My most productive time of the year uD

  • Very cool!

    I'm signed up now.

    Won't get anything done this weekend. Going to the Los Angeles A Cappella Festival, planning to hit up all the recording workshops for some mic signal tweaking inspiration (which may or may not come into play here).

    Collabs and remixes would be great, but I want to finish something (anything) before considering that.

  • i'm in.
    hope i can finish it this year.

  • You can finish it in 35 minutes if your standards are low enough. =)

    Actually, much less than that.

  • if everthing fails, i use paulstretch and make a cover version of john cage 4:33 ;)

  • in
    let's rock

  • Cool to see people getting excited about this- Full disclosure, I'm one of the organizers (I use that term in a very loose way, especially considering it's not very organized ;0). It's always fun, though, we'll see how many people we get signed up this year....

  • @tari5200, this will be my 4th in six years, always very good fun. Truly some of my most productive days of the year. Deadlines are wonderful. Thanks!

  • Signed up.

    Will be a good way to learn my sp404 backtofrount

    Make loops on the sp and bounce it to mlr and jam on

  • let's hear what everyone have done.

    mine is here

  • well done! work ate my month im afraid, but i got a couple tracks together, ill get 'em up asap :]