Any sp404 uses hear

  • Just got my self a 404sx for sampling away from the computer,
    It's a bit of fun making loops on it to sample into mlr,

  • sp!!!!!!! got the whole family 202,303,404,404sx.
    they are all different in there own ways, especially the sound.

  • I have a 404sx and love it. The compressor is amazing! I wish it had the vinyl sim compressor from previous models though. Once you get your head around the workflow the music making process is very fluid and you can just focus on sound. Ive been using mlr for harmonic content and knocking out drums with the 404.

    @Ringo. Do you prefer the 404sx to the og404 in terms of sound? Ive always heard the fx on the 202 are by far the best of the series, is that true?

  • Nice to see,
    I find resampling over and over you can get the sound you are looking for.
    Would like to have a play with the 202 tho.

  • vinyl sim is by farrrr my favorite effect of all time. i still can't believe they messed with it on the SX. the compression on the SX is really good tho, def improved from previous versions. i just want my noise and wow!!!!!

    in terms of sound, i think the 404sx and 404 are very comparable. SX has .wav and lofi thats always available, not just when u sample. 404 is a little more compressed sound, but overall i dont think u would notice. all the utility features ont he SX are what really make it IMHO (pad copy, etc).
    i prefer the 303/202 sound the best. its grittier, way more lofi (and more lofi sampling modes)

    303 lacks in headroom compared to the others, which is weird. but if u crank the 303 is doesn't get nearly as loud as a 404 or 202. i'm always riding the thing, but the good news is that it clips heavenly so u can really push it if u feel the need.

    not sure where u heard the 202 fx are the best? the 202 only has like 4 fx? they're okay, the delay is sublime, really glitchy. maybe u meant the 303? thats when the modern era of the sp multi fx came in.
    i think the fx are comparable in all, the 303 is just so gritty sounding overall so yea.

    the 202 is a sample heads dream. if all u want is something to dirty up your samples/sounds via sampling, nothing else. cuz you're gunna use them in another machine, the 202 is the best. it doesn't even know what hi-fi means. but it is severly limited in almost all other functions.

  • i also have to chime in that the pitch on the 202 is a million times better than the bullshit on all the other models. sounds like it is changing the sample rate of the whole machine.

    anyways my friend just fried my 404 so I have a 404sx coming in the mail =)

  • ^ ahh that might be what u are referring to @cropsie
    i never use the pitch effect, forgot all about that
    i really like the time effect on all the sp's tho

  • Been messing with my new 404sx the last few days. I like that I'm getting away from the computer for a bit, but why did they screw up the vinyl sim? i was really bumbed to find out that THAT was basically the sound I was looking for and that the machine I got doesn't do it.

    Not like I can't duck stuff in Ableton, but man, what was roland's impetus for changing it of all things? Can you do the ducking effect with the mfx comp in the sx, cause I haven't been able to get that pumping yet.

    Otherwise it's pretty fun I guess. Not a game-changer for me though. I'm really looking for something to speed up/streamline my beat-making workflow... and I want that something to be hella cheap.

  • I've been wanting an sp 202 or 404 for battery powered sampling and busking duties.
    Is there anything else out there that runs on batteries but with pads? MPC 500, but what else?

  • The MPC500 is where it's at for battery powered sampling. Amazing workflow, beautiful pads, and some pretty nice effects. It's a different animal to an SP, so try both!