upcoming editions: orders open now. shipping update!

  • update! all grids just shipped out, unless you bundled an arc. the remaining arc components are scheduled to arrive any hour, but we won't be able to ship until monday. thank you for your patience and again i apologize for the delays.

  • the sensation of holding the monome for the first time is something truly remarkable and almost magical. thank you very much for making something like this. love it.

    looking forward to the arc 2 and already the battles in my head started on getting a 128 as well.

  • :-)
    many thanks tehn

  • Just ordered a 64! After years of seeing and listening to all the great sounds I hope to create with it I am happily waiting.

  • @tehn, You said in another thread that serialosc now has a built-in hack for emulating arc presses using ASCII/MIDI. I recall you writing "hit the + button and presses are mapped to keys" in another thread, but I must be missing something, 'cause I can’t see anything resembling a + button. (I'm running serialosc 1.2 and using Max5.) Any help guys?

  • that version was deprecated and somehow the replacement didn't make it out into the world-- i'll clean it up and post it within the next few days. apologies!

  • Thanks Brian, that’d be really handy. By the way, the resolution of this thing feels incredible. It’s ruined me for all other knobs.

  • Hi Brian
    thank you very much I have received.
    Customs is 110 euros "glup"
    and it has a smaller footprint as a pencil on aluminum but I think it's a slight claw, I tried to make them leave.
    still great thank you

  • just a heads up that we finally took real photos of this edition. see http://monome.org/devices

    thanks for your patience!

  • Wanna hear the definition of sadness?

    Arc2 arrives 10am the day you've ALREADY LEFT for a week long trip. [no.emoticon.describes.this]

  • ^^^


  • wow, arc four photo looks beautiful, i can't wait to receive my tracking no. so i can prepare for it's arrival - excited!

    arc four & sixty four are finally side by side, let the fun commence - thanks tehn for the prompt delivery!

  • all devices available? I could cry. lovely picture!

  • Just ordered an ARC4. Excited :)

  • Seriously contemplating ordering an ARC2 or 4!

  • As a X-mas present to myself, I believe I will be getting myself a 256. Woohoo!

  • ommmmgggg looks so smexy