serialosc.maxpat in max 6 folder breaks old apps

  • following the new setup guide's method of putting the new serialosc.maxpat into the max6 patches folder seems to break apps. when you go in to edit the patch the bpatcher's outline is there but with no inputs and outputs (see attached screenshot).

    anyone else getting this?

  • if i start a new patch, create a bpatcher, navigate to serialosc.maxpat it works (ss1) but as soon as i add an argument the ins/outs and menu dissapears (ss2)

  • i forwarded this to trent. will look into it.

  • cheers - just an update , i'm trying to figure out how the arc works so i did a new patch
    bpatcher set as the new serialosc.maxpat in the max6 folder and it showed up fine.

    then when i added the argument it changed to the old version of the serialosc.maxpat even though this file isn't in the either the max6 folder of the directory i set up for this patch.

    probably just something with my system - i'll do some digging

  • this looks like max can see multiple objects named 'serialosc.maxpat' in the search path.

    first thing to try is just to relaunch Max and do your above testing again. I've just tested it with both Max5 and 6 and can't reproduce any of the above. since you last re-launched max6, had you opened any patch that included it's own serialosc.maxpat?

    is there a specific patch that broke when you opened it in editing mode?

    also handy hint -- best way to make a new serialosc.maxpat is to type:

    bpatcher @name serialosc @args /your_prefix

    then you don't have to do any navigating to the specific object — it will automatically use the one stored in your searchpath

  • right a bit strange - i'd forgotten i've got max 6.1 installed for ableton 9 beta and even when i'm using max 6 - it looks in 6.1's patches folder for serialosc. dropping a copy into 6.1's patches folder lets me create a new bpatcher correctly. however, in preexisting apps, the pbatcher outline is there with the correct ins / outs but there is no connect menu, in fact it's just a blank outline. i'm going to get rid of all the versions of max on my computer and do a fresh install of the latest version from cycling74. i'll report back.

  • yes getting rid of the two versions and a fresh install fixed everything thanks @galapagoose