really stupid question about setting up max runtime

  • Hi, I know i must be missing something incredibly obvious. I'm migrating to a macbook air and trying to set up my monome stuff. I downloaded max runtime and serialosc, but i can't find the patches folder to put serialosc into.

    I'm sure i don't need the full version of max?


  • hello! the directories remain the same for runtime and the full version.

  • Thanks, but i'm not seeing a patches folder.

  • no prob. i just put serialosc in the cycling 74 folder and it seems to be working.

  • i think the new max6 runtime download doesn't create the patches folder. so long as you drop the .maxpat anywhere within the Max6 folder (ie. the max search path) it will work just fine.

  • Thanks! That's what i wound up doing. I think my troubles must be caused by something else.