band name?

  • greetings! i'm working on a live music set and had also been thinking about a name for some time now- Morningland. today i discovered it was some sort of cult... not sure if that's a good or bad thing. and as you are all the greatest community on the internet, i thought i'd ask you if you know of another band by the same name... which would certainly make me reconsider.

    and if you have any other immediate reactions to the name, please let me know, cult related or not!


  • i like it. the google results didn't seem too alarming.

  • i also like it. it could be worse - we found out an american gospel choir share the same band name as us and on spotify their album 'total praise' is credited to us!

  • found only a track called "morningland"

    like the name, but i'm more a morning grumpy ;)

  • thanks a lot for the feedback... its great motivation! i'll continue forward...

  • It's a good band name, definitely. However, make sure you investigate this "cult" thing thoroughly... It may not be worth the subsequent hassle, even if you really like the name.

    Remember when all of those neo-Nazis showed up at the early Joy Division shows?
    Hah.. (kind of..)