mlrv 2.4

  • are you running the standalone app, or in Max? if so max5/6?

  • both issues happen with the standalone app and with patch in max6. in max5 menu work ok, but there is still the shot mode issue.

  • 2.5 fixed my issue thanks!

  • @sno
    github is probably the best place to post bug reports. its easy for things to get lost on the forums. i can confirm the one-shot and driver menu bugs. both happen for me too.

  • @elquinto
    will do, thanks for the info ;)

  • i can't get the +sampler tab to record audio. i seem to be registering audio into and through the sampler, but the 'go' button does not seem to begin the recording. not sure if i'm missing something obvious.

    i've attached screen shots of my settings for reference.

    i'd be grateful for any help. really want to use the sampler portion of mlrv.

    thanks in advance

  • i figured it out. it was something obvious. i needed to increase the number of steps indicated in the +sample window. it was set to 1, which didn't progress the audio to record. increasing it to 8, 16, 32 etc..did the trick. please update your diary.

  • does anyone know how to access the dac settings when using the 2.5 standalone version? Specifically i'd like to change the i/o settings so that each stereo output goes to a single hardware output, i.e. make each group mono.

  • or using it in max 5 runtime if that's easier. I seem to remember there was an app that let you access the dsp settings of max. Does that ring a bell to anyone?

    edit: found it! If anyone else is looking for it, it's at

    Max5/Cycling '74/interfaces/DSP Status.maxpat

  • sorry for the noob qustion. im using runtime 6,1 on vista (ughhh) and cant get past the contributor splash screen. any advice?

  • run it in max5 rt

  • hello good people!
    just a quick question, can anyone save setlist with mlrv 2.4? i cannot. if i close mlrv, open again and load the preset file that i saved previously, setlist is gone..
    i'm using max5 and os 10.8.5, but the problem is also present on max 6 and mlrv standalone

  • I'm very interested in +vinyl functionality within mlrv. Has anyone used this that shed some light on this for me.

  • @sno - you gotta make sure you store the preset before you hit save.

  • @rawray7 - hi! thank you for your reply! i did that, but when i load the .json file the setlist is gone… strange. just wondering if anybody else has this issue.
    if i edit the .json file it loads the setlist but presets names get switch...

  • wha?! I've been using 2.3 all this time! Didn't realise its up to 2.5.

  • Would mlrv2.5 work with the newish apcmini or laanchpad mini?
    I'm thinking of selling my bulky diy tonka truck arduinome and getting either or these as they are cheap and small.

  • if they use the same protocol they'll be fine, but i have no idea whether this is the case. particularly the launchpad, as i'd be surprised if they didn't update it to speak 'real' midi, rather than the driver-requiring version it was using.

    maybe take your laptop to a music store and ask to try it out?

  • Good point, will do