? for technically savvy users (not monome related)

  • i accidentally plugged the wrong power supply into my keyboard, (12v into a 6v) and now my keyboard won't turn on. Is there anything i can do to fix it, or is it toast?

    its usb bus-powered (E-MU Xboard49), but i was hooking it up to an external synth so i had to use the power supply. now neither usb, batteries, nor 6v power supply will turn it on. i'm totally bummed..

  • Did you get this fixed? Its hard to advise without a schematic or having a hands on look.

    I would suggest opening up, plug in the 6v power and trace how far it goes with a multi meter. At the plug, stick one probe on + and the other on -. You should see 6v on the meter. Then leave one probe where it is and move the other to each component moving away from the plug. I would suspect you will have popped a capacitor. You may be able to spot it, the tops puff up.

  • no, hasn't been fixed. i can't spot a blown capacitor, but theres only 5 on the main board from the looks of it. unfortunately these component are so tiny, i don't think my camera/phone would get a good pic. i'll see if i can get a hold of a better camera.

  • blown the voltage regulator or a part of that circuit maybe? I'd bring it to a repair shop though...