Rookie Problems...

  • hey guys,

    i'm new here and confused... i tried mlr, i was messing around and was wondering why i had no sound-output?! suddenly max crashes... and now boiing doesn't work properly and i don't have any clicking-sounds in the monome_test anymore...
    i made 2 steps backwards and this is frustrating somehow ;(

    what happened? can you help?
    here is some more background-information for you if needed!

    another question is: how can i avoid, when i start an app, that 20 windows are opening?

    sorry once more for my bad englisch...
    But Thanks In Advance For Your Help : )


  • argh! a few seconds after posting, everythings working fine suddenly!
    that makes me happy of course but curious as well.. why is working now?
    i tried the new mlrv just for fun and was skipping through the different audio devices to get sound.... nothing worked, so i closed the windows, opened up the monome_test again and taadaaa!! everything's working again... at least the 2 small apps i'm running at the moment =)

    any suggestions why it stopped working first?

    Hope i don't spam you guys too much....=)
    thanks for your attention!