monome splitter app not in quadrants

  • hello,
    did some research and can´t believe there is no such app in the docs. what i am searching, is a serialosc app which allows me to split my 128 in at least two individual sizes and not only in quadrants? alá 16x5 and 16x3?
    i can remember an old monomeserial app called _hub, but it doesn´t seem the survived the serialosc warp.

  • edit: nevermind, reading comprehension

  • Believe it.

    SerialOSC is more quadrant-oriented, especially on larger grids - the "offset" parameter nudged the world in that direction, along with the widespread adoption of optimized row, col and frame commands... If your app hands the splitter an 8x8 block to update, and you've positioned that block to overlap several quadrants, it may have to translate that into up to four separate commands to set those LEDs. Which can introduce latency, so you start to require frame rate management routines that may or may not play nice with existing apps...

    Of course that's all possible, but it is complex and arduous, and not particularly sexy.

  • thanks @GTZ for the detailed answer.