fs: 512 (sold)

  • sold!

    from the monome factory shelves. unused and wants a loving home. perfect condition. one of ten in existence.

    a few notes. requires external power (adapter included.) serialosc detects the 512 as two 256 units.


    free shipping in the continental US. overseas $200. others contact me. info@monome.org

    1000 x 1031 - 322K
  • serious drool but I'd have to get a divorce, and a mortgage. beautiful though.

  • Bummer. Rewind 3 weeks I would've already pmed you 'dibs'

  • @murray: if you'd like to get one in the future e-mail me. it might be arranged.

  • wow, now that was fast! when I win the lottery tehn, you'll be among the first to know!

  • @tehn: Expect an e-mail later this year

  • oh snap, I'd most likely have ripped your arm off for this rather than the 256. * must be happy with what I have, must be happy with what I have *