Making a granular synth

  • Hi all,
    I'm trying to make a granular synth for my Max course using the Soundplane as a controller. Does anyone know what would be the best sample format objects to use if I want to record (as well as load) and sample in the patch?


  • I'm trying to use Stretta's Grainstorm as a template, but its so complex i'm having trouble interpreting it.

  • Rodrigo posted a sample patch at one point showing how his granular looping stuff works. I don't recall if that was in the Party Van thread, or elsewhere. But I'd search for that. Or just dig through the Party Van -- advantage there being, Rodrigo's more accessible these days than Stretta is to ask questions of.

    Also, good stuff in here:

  • check out monolake's granulator device. the new one has just been released on the ableton beta forum, although i've yet to pull it apart.

  • My prof said that creating a Granular synth in Max is much more complicated and yields poorer results when compared to Kyma. Does anyone care to weigh in on this? I guess its safe to assume that when we're doing purely sound design stuff, that Kyma would be "better" than max. Would the only reason to use max (besides not having a kyma system) be the utilization of hardware controllers?
    I guess If I made some sort of Soundplane + Arc + monome granular super patch it would be something unable to be replicated or bested in kyma.

    I wish I could get a hold of Bar|none, he did a soundplane grainular app with the arc, I'd love to look at it.