About Granular Synthesis and orchestra

  • Hi,
    i know Xenakis and Fedele's orchestral works, but i couldn't find a proper use of the granular synthesis used in orchestral scores. I mean having a massive number of instruments playing little grains to create density. Have this ever been done with an orchestra ?
    Could anyone point me to some orchestral works ?
    Thank you !

  • http://www.discogs.com/artist/Alva+Noto+++Ryuichi+Sakamoto

    some awesome work right there... UTP is my favorite. i'm only guessing that some form of granular synthesis is being used here though...sounds like it anyway; in places.

  • Interesting, gonna check this ! Thanks !!

  • If you're looking for an orchestral work with a 'granular' approach or sound on acoustic instruments as opposed to electronic/electroacoustic then check out Toru Takemitsu's orchestral works.

    I'll second oootini on _UTP, what a great piece work! and an amazing ensemble to boot!

    Incidentally I'm working on a piece that utilises granular synthesis with a chamber orchestra, I'll post a link to a recording once there is one!

  • take a listen to ligeti's atmospheres as well. definitely sounds like a slow moving grain cloud.

    i've done a lot of granularizing recorded orchestra after te fact. both my own and other composers.

    BTW, i think it was you @chapelier fou who shared the debussy samples. i've done a lot with those... so thanks.

  • Thanks guys !
    Didn't listen to Atmospheres for a while...got all Ligeti's work on CDs so i'll definitely have a listen.
    snd and dadek, i'd love to hear your own pieces of work ! This thing is tempting me to take the good old 'pen and paper' way of composing again !

  • just a mention, besides stretta's app, i also use time freezer, and machfive3. also in hardware, i use gotharman's deFormer, for sampling, granularizing, and deconstruction/destruction.

  • Haha i know this Gotharman's deFormer, that's insane.
    Still didn't have a chance to listen to your recommendations...i am a bit old-fashionned : only listening to music on physical support...