Mlr 2.8 / Max Runtime 6 crashes the whole time..

  • Hey!

    i couldn't find any help in the forum, so i decided to start a new discussion.. hope this isn't old hat.
    finally mlr 2.8 works, so i was playing around and found out that there're some hidden commands e.g. playing the sample backwards (is that true or is it just a bug or something like that?).
    when i press the last button in a row and another button in the same row simultaneously Max Runtime crashes..
    what can i do? i have no error-messages when i open mlr. I'm running a Windows7 pc.
    and, if there're really commands, how many commands are there and how to use? : ]
    let me know if you need more information!

    thanks in advance!

  • Hi birdster.
    Did you solve this problem?
    I use monome 256 & 64 and max 5.1.9 runtime.
    I've been having same issue with mlr2.6.1_aux .
    I've tried with 3 different Mac and 3 of them crashed..:-(
    (Also dropped the whole audio and play very loud beep sound when press any button ...)
    I'm not sure but it seems like depending on samples ....(I use 44100 and 16bit though.)
    Some of them crash and some of them doesn't.
    I'm always scary to push hard when I perform at gig..
    (I try not to play hard with same row..)
    I won't give up using monome and mlr but it's scary and frustrating sometimes.
    I hope someone can help this issue...