ableton live 9 max 4 live - new api features and devices.

  • time to get programming:

    been flying blind with some print outs from the Live Object Model until now.

    this thread could be a good place to post up any interesting finds, snippets of helpful code dealing with new features and devices taking advantage of new opportunities.

  • few quick ones:

    we can now get the file path of any audio clip in live's session view! so instant loading of newly recorded clips or an mlr port inside live are much simpler and more reliable.

    we can now fire clip_slots to re-fire after a certain amount of time recorded, and at any launch quantise, regardless of global or clip quantise.

    you can also trigger_session_record for a set length of time, it will find the next empty clip_slot on the selected track, record for the length provided as the argument and then re-fire the clip to stop recording and start playback.

    you can change the warp mode of audio clips.

    better control of creating and editing midi notes for in clip step sequencers. you can also quantize the notes, taking into account the new global midi swing amount.

    you can create, delete and duplicate tracks, scenes, devices and clips (although only midi clips can be created).

    optional argument for firing a scene allows you to force all clips to start in legato mode.

  • exciting stuff!

  • it would make sense not to allow creating blank audio clips (although dummy clips were long useful :) but you really cant duplicate or delete audio clips? odd.

  • but the legato forcing is...interesting. supposedly the behaviour you get with the up/down buttons on the push.

  • update: only midi clips can be created, all clips can be, deleted or duplicated.

    you can add devices to a track using the browser. apparently in more advanced ways with the python api, but just with hot-swapping through m4l. was hoping a similar method could be implemented for clips. select one in browser, place it in the specified clip slot. would be great for dj set ups.

    legato forcing is only available in scenes and in the LOM it says that with this argument the scenes are started immediately, i think without global quantize. need to try it out tomorrow.

  • yeah, you can see the legato scene behaviour in this video, when he uses the up/down arrow keys to navigate scenes.

  • Well this is exciting. The drum pad info will be useful.

    EDIT: I must admit that my time with M4L has me really considering going back to the python API. It is unsupported and painful to debug but the world is yours to make. decisions decisions.

  • im definitely interested in getting in deeper with the python api, ive had to pick up a smattering of python recently at work to do GIS scripting, and i think it would be useful to be able to mod the push script itself, rather than work entirely within the push user mode. Griotspeak, any tips or reference points to get me started?

  • Exciting stuff in there !!!
    Doing mainly livelooping, trigger_session_record could possibly deeply change my workflow...

  • thank you!

  • beautiful very helpful stuff!