7 Year Anniversary Warper Party @ the Delancy Tonight -- NYC

  • Hi everyone -- I hope this isn't a duplicate thread, but just wanted to spread the word that the 7 yr anniversary Warper Party is tonight at the Delancey in NYC.

    Free, 18+ acts, visuals/workshops/interactive art.

    For those of you who haven't heard of Warper Party before, it's a monthly event that is kind of structured like an pre-electronic semi-open mic/laptop. I just learned about it at a recent max/msp seminar in the city. Performers sign up to play a few weeks before the event, and then are notified if they have a slot or not. Not discriminating based on following or specific genre. An awesome concept for those looking for a way to play out new pieces/sets to a monome-friendly crowd if you don't already have the pull to net a spot at some of the venues.

    I'll be doing a late night set at around 1:30 with a friend of mine. Monome/synth/beats/etc.

  • have a great time! Wish i could attend, the warper parties were always amazing parties! And you're back at the Delancey, when did that happen? Last show i played there was out in Brooklyn at some Trading Company space with a giant female wookie painting in the back room ;D

  • Man, now I am just happy that somewhere in Brooklyn there is a warehouse with a giant wookie painting.

    To be honest, this is my first time playing warper so I'm not positive how long its been at the Delancey. Looking forward to checking it out though.

  • have a great show!