the pattr family of objects. tutorial/help patcher for max 6.

  • a friend was asking about the way i use the pattr family of objects in my patches. i use pattr in pretty much everything i do in max now. they have largely replaced all [send], [receive] and [value] objects for me, and open all your patches up to preset-ing and parameter saving.

    here's a quick patch i knocked up in the last half hour showing some of the ways i use pattr, and providing a basic template you could drop into a patch, providing you renamed a few things for your own purposes and deleted all the comments.

    if i get time i'll try and keep adding to it, eventually adding a basic preset section and maybe some more example code.

    v2 - updated the comments, tried to explain things more clearly, added brief comments at the top of the sections to describe what they are useful for.

  • This looks great. The pattr objects are some pretty underdocumented "voodoo" type objects. I generally find them super frustrating, while at the same time very powerful.

    I'm doing simpler stuff with them, but this looks super useful for expanding beyond that.

  • this looks fantastic. thanks for writing it up and explaining a lot of how you organise this stuff. personally i've used pattr in a much more random / hodgepodge manner so it's difficult to discern exactly how each section works.

    i am curious about the '#0-toui' section performs in a larger patch though. it's a similar way to how i've handled osc in mlrv and i find that when sending a few simultaneous osc variables (eg. faders changing gradually) it starts to cause audio dropouts, even with 'deferlow' objects. i do have around 400 copies of the relevant patch though so perhaps it's difficult to use this approach in that case.

    anyway, great work! i'll add a link to this in the developer section on the wiki.

  • cheers! realised a few guys here might find it useful once i'd sent it to the person who originally asked me about pattr.

    i've updated the download in the top post. tried to clean up the comments and explain what each section is doing.