Buchla documentary on Kickstarter

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/589078128/buchla-documentary

    Lots of great interview clips in the campaign video. I'm pretty excited to see the final work. Pledged...

  • bumping for lack of momentum.
    (reaching the goal would be better than not reaching it, yes? okay!)

  • hope this comes to fruition. i wonder is there an element of overlap with the i dream of wires documentary which is nearing release? if so, it could be unfortunate timing to be looking for funding, given that interested people might already have "kicked" in for that. don't underestimate kickstarter fatigue.

    on a slightly related note i can heartily recommend this documentary about schneider's bureau. http://totallywired.tumblr.com/

    it's provides a really nice perspective on the relationship between user, inventor and dealer.