Crossfader in Max for Live

  • Hi all,

    Tried finding the answer for this all over the place but thought some of you might have had experience with the problem.

    I'm setting up my monome as a personalised control interface for Ableton with Max for Live. Everything looks fine and easily configurable using devices like Adial and Multimap. However, with both of these devices there is a problem controlling Live's crossfader.

    Other parameters work fine, but with the crossfader, after mapping, the messages from Max seem to be able to control only the visual side of the crossfader. So the crossfader dial appears to turn, but no difference to the audio is made. Using the mouse directly on the crossfader works fine, and this problem doesn't exist with any other parameters I've tried.

    Any ideas? Elsewhere people have suggested this is just a bug with Ableton, but it's true even in Live 9. Am I missing something?



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    ...anyone have any ideas?

  • Are those methods generating CCs and mapping with the "MIDI" button in Live? 'cause, that's the only way they'll be comparable to other controllers. If they're linking through some other method in the Live API, it is a different situation (subject to a different set of potential bugs).