arc cases?

  • I'm starting to venture out into the world with my arc4 and am so apprehensive about carrying the arc around just in the bottom of my terrible would it be for one of those knobs to come loose or something... So I got to wondering, have any of you come up with some creative ideas for an arc carrying case..besides the sock idea mentioned in a previous thread?

  • I just got my first Monome and fell the same way, wondering what case solutions there might be.

  • I think it was stretta who suggested a wine tote would fit your arc nicely. (can't search so well to dig that up yet)

    Monome cases depend a lot on which model you got, but look at old CD and DVD binders. (I think "case logic" is a popular brand for this.

  • Wine tote! I like that idea.

  • Keep in mind, that suggestion was made with the taller first generation arc, so it's probably less snug with the new ones.

  • my wife stitched this up for me from some old scraps of fire blanket and kimono cloth. not being able to use a sewing machine myself, i could have done it with and awl and needle and thread. not as skillfully of course...

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  • a friend is preparing a line of cases for my devices :)
    I'll post some pictures of them as soon as I get them
    pretty shure they will rock it!
    you can check some stuff from here here: