How To Connect The Monome With M4L?

  • Hey,

    finally i got live9 with max4live and now i'm wondering how to connect it with my monome.
    where's the serialOSC? is it needed?
    i guess i really need some basics...!
    when i try to open "mlr 2.27 max for live" live immediately crashes.....
    are live9 and max6.1 maybe too new??

    I'm quite confused...

  • Having similar issues..
    It doesn't help that I have been away from my monome for a while so quite a bit to re-learn...

    I have tried to load a M4L patch with sosc but the connection is never made so these just don't work at all for me with Live 9 / Max 6.1 (both release - not beta)

    The old school MonomeSerial method is a fraction better in that there is some connectivity but things do not work as they should. Occasionally a button press will register and do something but it appears to be somewhat random. I haven't tried any of this stuff in LIve 8 but looking at the youtube vids it looks like this stuff works ok in that version.

    Anyway apologies for hijacking birdster's thread but I second an offer of assistance with this setup..


  • I've got m4l patches working inside Live 9 as of last night. Steps I took:

    1) Install serialosc 1.2 from the link in the first post of this thread(

    2) serialosc.maxpat installed per the setup guide (see point 4:

    Now I recommend loading, and examining the innards of something like stretta's obo patch ( )

    Like stand alone monome max apps, all m4l patches need a subpatcher which contains serialosc.maxpat. You need to make sure this subpatcher points to the new serialosc.maxpat

    Think of serialosc as the brain that takes incoming messages from the monome, such as button presses as well as sends outgoing messages to the monome like LED messages.

  • i too upgraded to Live 9 and was excited to start using M4L finally. I ended up downloading monomeserial to get it to work.

  • @emergencyofstate :
    subpatcher?? (sorry i'm a newby and furthermore german....)
    i could follow you until you mention the subpatcher!

    but thanks so far :)

  • @birdster

    A subpatcher is basically a patch within an patch. Check out this page ( )

    I highly recommend going through the Max help tutorials otherwise things are going to be way to slow going and mystified.

    Open up Ableton, Load a maxforlive patch, edit it so Max opens up, then go to the Help menu and choose "Max Help"

  • ok, i followed you instruction but i guess my problems are in greater depth....
    when i try to open stretta's obo live crahes... (look picture)
    can't understand why... all my monome stuff is working fine (i think), ableton actually as well... do i have to put the amxd-data in any special folder? (i tried to put it in live library's "max effect" folders, but same result..)

    so, now i'll leaf through the MaxHelp
    hope you mean this site too?!

    Thanks =)

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  • Thanks @emergencyofstate

    I hadn't tried stretta's obo.. It works!
    Maybe the patches I tried were a bit buggy.. anyway I now have a renewed faith in this thing so that's the main thing..
    I'll try (!) and pull apart stretta's work to see how things work..

    @birdster - Sorry this isn't working for you.. I'm on a mac here. I hope things sort themselves out.
    I created a new folder for M4L patches in the Ableton User Library folder.. Live doesn't seem fussy about the folder structure and refreshes immediately so I don't think that is an issue.

    Thanks again..