The neverending remix part I


    What is it?

    A musical form of Chinese whispers. You will receive a finished track and some stems and or samples which the pervious person used to make a song. You must then remix / cover / interpret this song in any way you want with any equipment you choose and then supply the next person in the chain with your finished tracks and stems / samples for them to do the same.

    How do I join?

    Send @jhindsight a message or comment in here to say you want to join and you’ll be added to the bottom of the list. You can either upload the finished stems and track yourself and provide a link to the next person in this thread or if you want to keep it all private them make them available to @jhindsight and he will pass everything on.

    What will I need?

    Whatever hardware / software you’re comfortable with using (so long as the finished song ends up on a computer to be sent digitally).

    What are the rules?

    2 weeks to create and upload your track. If your turn falls at a bad / busy time for you let us know and you can be shunted to the back of the list or see if you can swap with someone else. If there’s no sign of your track and no response from you after 2 weeks then your turn is forfeit and the next person in the list can go.

    Use a standard file format i.e. .wav or .aiff – something everyone can use. If you’ve got a particularly bad internet connection then I suppose mp3s will do but try to stick to decent quality.

    No rules on style, instrumentation or equipment, you can use as much or as little of the track you’re remixing as you see fit. Try not to make it too long just for the simple fact that these files will have to be uploaded and there’s a limited number of minutes allowed on soundcloud / Gbs on dropbox.

    Who owns the rights to the music we create?

    You can’t like…..own music maaaaaaaaaannnn

    Running Order


  • I agree and would love to be the first to give it a go. Maybe we should have 2 people remixing at the same time at first to get things going. Also, if you get involved in this project, please do so with the intent of your submission taking less than 2 weeks.

  • um - isn't the point of a remix it being a new take on something that already exists? Shouldn't we use someone's already created track?

  • i think people have got distracted a bit by the term remix. the original Chinese whispers thing i put forward was based on one i took part in the past where submitted original material.

    @Cropsie has kindly volunteered to go first so we'll essentially all be remixing his track without necessarily having heard it.

    plus things might get a bit legal if we remix something well known.

  • @ jhindsight:
    Thanks for organizing this!
    Put me on the list for remixing.

  • @jhindsight, put me on that list as well

  • Just to be clear (I've been up studying for the last 8 hours straight): Am I providing stems to the next person down the list to remix or am I supposed to remix one of my existing tracks.

  • you will be providing the first finished track plus the stems you used to create that track. this can be one of your existing tracks if you want or write something completely new.

    i'll wait for a couple more to join then we'll get started and you'll have 2 weeks @cropsie so don't worry, finish your studying ;-)

  • @jhindsight

    this sounds great add me to the list as well!

  • id be happy to collab with you folks...

  • ok let's get cracking then. @Cropsie you're up first, you've got until the 28th to upload your track and stems, check your email you should have a link to join the dropbox folder.

    the list / running order is in the first post you'll be added to the bottom when you join.

    @lokey message me your dropbox email address.

    if anyone hasn't got a dropbox account and is going to join feel free to use this link

    (i'll get some extra space ;-) )

  • Please count me in on this project? :)
    I'll message you my dropbox email.

  • Great idea, i'm in.
    will send you a message for my dropbox account.

    Out of curiosity, when is the release of all the tracks.
    e.g. 24 people participating and we hear the results in 1 year or am i misunderstanding something..

  • I'll upload the finished tracks as they're finished , people can join as we go along so it might never end.

    You're advised not to listened to the other tracks until you've had your turn, thus preserving the Chinese whispers effect but that's obviously up to you.

  • If this goes on indefinitely, not listening until it's your turn seems awful harsh.

    What seems more manageable (and enforceable) would be "when a new mix comes in, you publish one of the older ones, keeping everyone but the current participant three or four mixes behind".

    I don't know if Dropbox is the right solution for that, though.

  • I was just going to put finished songs onto soundcloud so participants and lurkers alike could listen. I suppose the Chinese whispers element isn't that import it's more how it changes after going through different people.

  • Good news everyone! We'll all be remixing a Galapagoose track from his album "Commitments"

  • sweet, I'd love to join. ill message my address

  • @ Cropsie / Galapagoose: which one ?

  • @Trppng I don't know yet. He had a few suggestions but I don't want to pick and choose because the person who remixes me won't have that option either. I'm waiting on stems to get started. I'll be traveling all next week for Spring break but my 40h and 404 will be by my side the whole time.

  • hey, thats a good score on the 'lapagoose! this will be lots of fun!

  • How about naming the thing MCSRP ?
    Monome Community Serial Remix Project :-D

  • Visually, that's too easy to confuse with the other one.

    Lowercase s?

    MCsRP... eww.

    Maybe with a separator?





    What else...

    Monome Community Remix (of a Remix (of a Remix)) Project


    (R to the power of R --- it sucks typed, but might be cool looking in a graphic)

    I dunno.

  • InfRP = infinity remix project?

    i'm in as well!

  • you lot and your bloody acronyms!


  • @ GTZ: why to the power of p?
    In math & stats n seems to be the number of the greatest/latest/last 'event', in our case that would be the remixer/remix


    You're right: It sucks written like that, but should look pretty cool as a graphic.

    @ jhindsight:
    Remember your acronyms and dont f#[king dare to confuse them or get confused by them or let me confuse you or confuse me or......

    .. back to work:-)

  • Combining pirxthepilot and jhindsight's ideas gives us "Monome Community InfRP"

    (I think including either MC or Monome Community is important)

    It wasn't to the power of P. It was to the power of Remix. R to the Rth.

  • Ooh!


    But the "R" stands for Recursion instead of Remix.

    Folks can keep track of that, right?

  • hahaha, GTZ, that's an idea and acronym too easy to get fooled by.
    I can see people signing up for that and the complaining like:
    "Meeeeehhhhh, I Thought it was an MCRP, nor an MCRP i was signing up to. Man, that's too confusing even for monome-nerds like me"

  • Just got back from camping in northern Alabama. I had my 404 and 40h with me and have been going crazy with the goose stems, they sound amazing!. I've got a ton of loops and stuff including some recordings I did with a horn section yesterday. I'm in the tedious editing and arranging process now. I cant wait for you guys to hear the results but I'm constantly torn between giving the next person a variety of sounds to work with and trying to make one coherent idea. I've got a whole other song with the goose stems going on in the app SMPLR. Decisions decisions.

  • hey awesome, cant wait to hear it all! My preference would be towards creating finished tracks in their own right, over leaving people more varied material for the next revision, but that is of course your own decision!

    Love the idea of production while camping. What did you do for power? Id love to hike up into the mountains for a week and make an album amongst the rockies!

  • Yeah do a full track and just us the stems you used. Keep the rest for something else ;-)

  • Fin! I'll have the song and the stems up by tonight.

  • nice one! send me a message on here when you have so i know to check.

  • Sent. You're up @jhindsight.

  • cant wait to hear as these creations roll out...

  • Congrats, Sounds very nice! (Your naming convention is misleading though, it's not a galapagoose remix, you remixed a galapagoose track)

  • Thanks for the kind words. I changed the title, was a bit out of it when I uploaded the track.

  • I wonder how it will continue.. Winkler by Galapagoose (Cropsie Remix(XXX Remix(YYY Edit(ZZZ Dub)))) ^^

    can't wait to see how this project evolve and eventually chime in some time..

  • I can't wait either. Goose mentioned remixing the bastard child sometime down the line!

  • this is fantastic! can't wait to hear how this evolves. i'd be more than happy to contribute a remix later down the line.

  • Loving this, looking forward to seeing the ongoing sonic evolution & transmogrification to come!

  • very cool cropsie can't wait to see what happens next

  • Thanks for the kind words guys. I know @jhindsight will come up with something awesome. We should come up with some more community remix ideas.

  • we could do a "generative remix" first person creates the stems. second person makes a song from those stems. could have multiple 2 person groups going at the same time as well.

  • i'd be up for taking part if that's possible? love the first track @Cropsie

  • hey @jhindsight id like to participate too!!!

  • No worries I'll add you both to the list. I've finished my track but just need to export the stems.

  • Thanks @maersk. Damn jhindsight you work ninja quick. Can't wait to hear it!

  • Cloud of sound at soundcloud

    @trppng - you're up. check your pms / emails