Q: Looping in mlrv -> 16Steps -> Monome GS64 -> ???

  • Hey guys,

    couldn't find any similar topic... so:
    i've got a gs64 and i'm using mlrv... when i got a sample which consists of 16 steps, the led runs twice through the row, right?
    i'm wondering if it's possible in mlrv to manipulate the 16-step-sample when it runs the row the second time???
    so that i can press the hypothetical button 9-16, without getting back to the first row..!?

    hope i didn't explain my question too complicated. : ]

    thanks in advance!! =)

  • please don't tell me that i just need a bigger monome!! ;D

  • easiest way is to place the sample on 2 rows next to each other, select the first half of the sample above, and the 2nd half below. if you hold Shift + Option while clicking & dragging on the waveform, it will snap to 1/8th divisions of the sample for easy selection.

    you'll have to retrigger the 2nd half (by hitting the 1st button of the 2nd row), but it gives you the full resolution.

  • yay! nice! thanks for the advice!!
    i'll check that out immediately!! =)