• so i thought that learning some python coding techniques would help put me to sleep. Oh boy was I wrong. suddenly i looked up while working on conditionals and control flow problems and it was 4am.

    I've found my new addiction :)

    any thoughts about the most important things to take into account for a nooby coder like myself?

  • lol! very nice man.

    i'd say keep your functions small, you should avoid copy/pasting logic if possible. try to learn about debuggers and stepping through code. come up with a project you want to make to motivate you to keep going, then keep at it!

  • id love to hear more insights as you work through these, im in the infant stages of learning python myself...

  • well so far ive been learning really really basic stuff. I found a really cool website that takes you through the fundamentals an its free. the only issue is that sometimes the instructions are a little confusing.(but hey its coding right?) offers lessons in a bunch of languages even API which is pretty cool.

    end goal project in mind is a 256 communicating through the back port of ableton to manipulate clip chopping and such. could be a ways in the future but I can dream

  • Code Academy gets some stick sometimes, but its a great service (especially because its free). It started me off on javascript, HTML and CSS. Its big brother (Team Treehouse) costs but is fantastic and teaches all that codeacademy does and then some...e.g iOS/xCode