workaround for arc knob press in 2012 arcs?

  • I think Tehn said that there's a workaround for the arc knob press in the latest arc without that feature. Pressing the plus button will map knob press to something?

    Has anyone done it? If so, how is it implemented? This would be so helpful if i could get it to work.


  • Pre serialosc 1.2 there was a little + sign in the max patch which let you set this up. I think now app developers have to build it into their apps so it might vary from app to app. I could be wrong though.

  • Thanks, hopefully someone will do that for grainstorm in the near future.

  • try this - i'm no developer but see if this works, click the check box and you should be able to use keyboard keys z x c v as buttons for encoders 1-4 on the arc.

  • Thanks, i'm not finding the check box, but maybe i'm not looking in the right spot.

  • are you using the version i attached in the zip file?

  • oops! no. i didn't see the zip file before.
    i'll give it a shot, thanks!

  • It doesn't seem to work. i tried holding down the key and scrolling the knob, but it doesn't do anything.

  • i'll revisit this-- the key faking was removed from the latest serialosc.maxpat

  • In my development version of the party van, if you select that you are using newschool arcs, it turns on key faking by default, so there isn't a separate tickbox for it, and serialosc is none the wiser.

  • is there now a working version of party van? that would be great news!