MCRP XIV - Frenetic Spaces - Released

  • i'm part of the show.
    let there be sound!

  • in like flynn. Thanks for getting us together once more!

  • great! i'm in. thanks for organizing! i'm guessing normal mcrp rules apply -- only these sound sources are allowed, can't use your own?

  • Im in,

  • pass the gin, i'm in.

  • I'll bring the tonic! Yippee! I'm in!
    But - less than 2 weeks to complete final remix? Any chance of making it 3 weeks (it's just shift work can totally demolish 2 weeks of my time & brain power! 'Specially if its night shift...and guess what my roster has given me for the first fortnight of April Grrrrr)

    I understand if there is some idealogical reason for these time constraints and will of course comply with whatever the organisers wish. Just a little plea for temporal flexibility ;-)>

  • I add to artpunk's timely concerns; fatherhood, work and volunteering sure can get in the way of being an international triphop legend.

    That said I'll try my best.

  • I'll give it a go, which means I'm good for my two samples at least. A finished track, though? Let's hope.

  • Update posted above.

  • Thanks Shimoda, much appreciated.

  • yes i shall join this.. now to find a space sample!

  • Bump as a reminder that samples are due in less than a week and I haven't received any as of yet. Please post that you are participating. Let's get this going on!

  • I've got my frenetic, just need something spacey. You'll have mine in the next few days.

  • same thing. joining as soon as i get a space sample.

  • Want to go halves on a ticket to the moon?

  • I'd like to join.
    With the space sample can it be sampled from anything ie film/documentary/vinyl etc
    Or only original samples made by/recorded by you.

  • fair game, whatever catches your fancy.

  • but if you wanted to build your own rocket just to sample it, id be pleased :]

  • or your own sputnik satellite, that'd be okay too.

  • ha, it occurs to me this is a great opportunity to use the soyuz sequencer...

  • I've got my space sample locked, just trying to sort out the best place to make a field recording of a noisy environment.

  • i think that soyuz is a good call actually otherwise we're going to end up with a load of nasa and shopping centre field recordings and no melodies ;-)

  • i wound up digging through 'alien' last night. Lots of great noises (for both categories ;)

  • I'm in, where do we upload samples to?

  • *just spotted the email address

  • still waiting on samples, please post here to let me know you've sent them so I'll know to look, in case some get sent to spam.

  • mcrp-last-minute-style in effect :]

  • i'm glad i'm not the only one and it's literally all of us but i do intend on submitting samples!!

  • MCPP: Monome Community Procrastination Project

  • Will try to get my samples together in the next few days.

  • Shimoda - I haz samplez on duh soundcloudz. The linkage iz in ur inbox.

  • Bloody it that time already?! I have got frenetic space recordings on my Zoom have to transfer them to my computer & get in some kind of order... & I have some 'space' sounds, but not much....
    (I am on day 6 of 7 shifts straight, so will have to consolidate everything between todays late shift & tomorrow's early)
    Looks like it's going to be right down to the wire for me!
    Oh edit - saw I have until 31st... A little bit of a reprieve, whew!

  • Hrmmm, not seeing anything artpunk... maybe pm me the linky

  • Sorry shimoda - I haven't put it together yet, been at work pretty well non-stop the last week, I still have until the 31st don't I? Thankfully after tomorrows shift I have the weekend free...

  • Everyone has till the 31st, and as it seems right now, it may be then that samples start rolling in! Don't worry, somehow we'll make this happen.

  • i think ive got my two samples sorted out. I'll get them in shortly...

  • Its so hard to find a decent space sample. I have the "Cosmos" dvd's but I imagine someone else will use something from them. Old, campy Sci-Fi vhs's to the rescue?

  • im trying to decide whether the creepy alien sample i have picked out is too creepy. I suppose it comes down to how many folks are going campy, or realistic, or what? :D

  • Well, as of yet, nothing has been submitted so it's anyone's guess what the sample pool will sound like.

  • look at this as an invitation to comment on your own thoughts on sample selections thus far folks...

  • Hi...

    I'm a little late...but in!
    Just posting samples now...A bit classic for space's one...but with vinyl grain :-)
    Delighted to discover the rest!!!

  • Late?!? No way Reno, you are officially the first to post samples!

  • Shimoda, I emailed you a link two days ago, didn't you get it?

  • I should be right to submit before the deadline. I'll update you when I upload!

  • E-mail sent. Samples away!

  • hello !

    e-mail sent, with a link to the samples

  • I have the links from people listed: Reno, Kinetic, Artpunk, Beo
    You have about 39 hours to submit folks, we need more!

    @Kinetic, loving it man!

  • here goes nothing... samples submitted!

  • jhindsight and artfwo also received, thanks!