arc mappings in MlrV 2.4?

  • Hi all, tried to use my arc 2 to map to parameters within mlrV and control things like 'loop, slice' etc, could of sworn there was a mention in a thread but i can't find it? I am able to see movement within the rate and lfo in the +ARC2 maxpat but it doesn't affect audio at all. As far as clicking 'start mapping' , I figured it would be as simple as turning an arc knob and its done, am I missing something simple?

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  • Doh! Thanks Brian :-)

  • Bump @galapagoose any ideas Trent?

  • it's a little awkward (the arc addition was very last minute):

    -first enter 'mapping mode' in the mapping tab,
    -then click the parameter you want to control
    -then hit 'MAP' in the +ARC tab corresponding to which encoder you want to map to

    note there are '4' mapping destinations.
    - 1st and 3rd are the first 2 encoders on your device
    - 2nd and 4th are 'shift' versions > access these by pushing an older arc, or map a monome button / midi trigger to the 'shift' button.

    if you have an arc4, you need to load +ARC2 for the 1st two knobs, and +ARC4 for the last two knobs. unfortunately i didn't think that through though and it won't work simultaneously because the 2 instances of serialosc will kick each other off.... oops.

  • @galapagoose

    works like a treat Trent....cheers mate

  • I don't understand how to work with my Arc 2 in mlrv 2.5.
    I can map ,I can connect,but I don't get any led feedback or any movement in mlr window.
    I surely miss something.
    Any help?

  • I'm experiencing the same issue