Best app for drum machine/drum sequencing/whatever

  • Was wondering if there was an app that I could use to plug into a software drum machine or similar like Reason Redrum (or anything on ableton) where each row is a different drum sound and each column is the time slice (1/16th or 1/4th or whatever, configurable).


  • Try molar, it is deep and bit of work to get all the infos, but definately worth it!
    It hasnĀ“t been updated for a while and probably never will, but what is there already is lots of stuff to work with!

  • Obo also.

  • soyuz also also (slicing!)

  • I'd second molar. It's got just about everything you'd want in a drum machine app (and much more). But as mism said, its really deep and will take some time to learn.