Sevenup Crashing Ableton 9 [fixed]

  • ** FIXED!!!!*********************
    I had to open the SevenUpCore.amxd in Ableton 8, unfreeze it, save as, then replace it with the version I was attempting to use in A9. Many thanks to James for bringing this up. I uploaded a copy of the SevenUpCore.amxd saved in an unfrozen state in case others are like me and didnt have A8 any longer.


    I had Sevenup 2.0.5d running in Ableton 9 Beta with my 128, but as soon as I updated to 9.0.1 a few weeks ago Ableton crashes when I launch SevenupCore. However, it doesnt crash if I launch Manta7up or SevenupCoreClassic so I have a feeling it might have to do with the SerialOSC connection.

    Monome works fine outside Ableton/M4L... so not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    Things I have done:

    -Completely removed Ableton 9 and Max 6.1 and reinstalled
    -Completely removed all Sevenup files, both new and old, and reinstalled.
    -Updated Ableton to 9.0.2

    Windows 8 x64
    Ableton 9.0.2 x86
    Max 6.1 x86
    Asus UX32V
    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

    Would appreciate any help.


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  • bump-aroo, any in site or ideas?


  • Are you running Live9 64 bit? It is not compatible with the zeroconf external. You have to install 32 bit instead. I found 64 bit Live incompatible with way too many MAX externals to be usable for me.

  • I'm running Ableton 9.0.2 x86 along with Max 6.1 x86

  • Went to try and reinstall the zeroconf max externals but the Windows link seems to be missing from the wiki?

  • bump again... I was able to get Pages running fine with my setup so zeroconf and SerialOSC should be setup correctly.

  • That's a tough one cause the exception from Live doesn't mean anything to me.

    One thing to try. Create a new set, not using the 7up template.

    Now drag SevenUpCore from ./components folder in distribution into virgin template.

    See if that works. I know that people have had problems with the .amxds that were in the template.

    You can refresh them all from the ./components folder instead.

    Also trying a clean set in case Live 9 having issue with older template set.

  • Man, I just completely reformatted Windows 8... installed Ableton 9 and Max. I launched Ableton 9, used Ableton browser to where the SevenUpCore.amxd file is saved, double-clicked and same thing :(

  • i have the same issue with 7up...
    after installing live 9 32x and Max 6.1
    still using windows 7 btw =/

  • Can anyone confirm 7up working in Ableton 9.0.2 and Max 6.1?

  • Bump-aroo... really missing my 7up :(

    Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated

  • dump. still no fix found :(

  • Hello I canĀ“t find the max5 for windows zeroconf externals on the link:
    There are files for osx but not windows.
    Is there a solution?

    Thank you

  • If you're able to edit m4l devices in live 8, load 7up core in live 8, hit the edit button, unfreeze the device, and resave. I did this and was able to then load 7up core in live 9 with no crash, I didn't go any further than that though. Good Luck.

  • Thanks James, I will give this a try.

  • Thanks James! it is working! It took me a few days to test as I had to re-install A8 and had some issues with activation. I uploaded a copy of the saved core file to the original post in case others also need the file.

    Thanks again :)

  • i'm glad that it's working.

    can you please pm me the modified core file?

    edit: ah. it was already attached. thx!

  • I added it to the first post