setting up pages

  • hello everyone!
    I've just downloaded pages and I'm trying to figure up how to make it work correctly.
    I've tried to follow the instructions given in the READ ME file but I'm not able to connect my monome correctly to the app (and consequently I cant verify if I've correctly set the MIDI options in Ableton Live 9).
    Since the page where is possible to find the manual is broken, I wondered if anyone can give me few information about the general setup of the monome in pages..
    [like: I have a grayscale 64 ---> which prefix should I write in the monome configuration window? and so...]

    thank you very much


  • hey filippo!

    apologies, i need to make a new manual. do this..

    1) make a new configuration
    2) go to configuration menu -> serialosc setup
    3) click discover devices
    4) click add on your monome

    this will create a sub-window with a page menu. click the menu and select new page to start creating pages. your monome should light up right away.

  • thank you sir!
    I've managed to connect my monome