MUSIC FROM MATHEMATICS 50p on Trunk records today only

  • the excellent trunk records has a deal called 50p friday every week. this week it's the world's first (apparently) electronic album - Music from Mathematics.

    Issued originally in 1957, this is the first ever electronic music album. And the great thing is every track comes with a fine American spoken word introduction and description so you really know and understand what you're hearing. A marvelous and educational album, with all music written by doctors, presumably in white lab coats, working with primitive punch cards, magnetic tape and an IBM machine probably bigger than a three bed semi-detached house. This is historic, slightly odd and excellent.

  • great find, and i was happy to buy it, but dammit, why do sites that accept paypal still get me to sign up for an account for an electronic download? Its such a basic weakpoint in the security chain, not to mention the roadbump to people actually paying you money. Just take me to paypal, let me pay you, and give me the download. End of transaction.

  • I know but greedbag who provide software also do loads of other record company online shops so it's quite handy when buying CDs and stuff as it knows your postage address.

  • im all for the option, but so many do it by default that it just screams 'market research' to me ;D but anyway, this is a derail: excellent album! Definitely worthwhile. Reminds me of the nonesuch guide to electronic music.

  • looks good, downloading now. haven't heard some of these recordings for a very long time...

  • nice, thanks for the heads up