connecting pages to Live 9

  • After succeeding in the setup of my monome in pages I've tried to follow the instructions contained in the readme file to connect pages to Live 9 (since the documentation on the website is unavailable) but nothing happens...
    I would like to use the clip launcher page and the sequencer

    does anyone have or had the same problem?

    thanks in advance


  • Yes. I think I'm having the same problem. I worked on it quickly this morning and I'm pretty sure I set things up properly, but...

    I Moved LiveOsc to Midi Scripts in package contents and
    installed special zerocondf version of serialosc in Max patch files, moved .mxo files to max externals for max 6.1, but still no red box..and no switching for M4L apps.

    I'll look at it again tonight if I can. Did you ever work this out for yourself?

  • I'm sorry but with my actual knowledge I really don't know where to start from..
    so I was hoping that someone would share the right procedure to set all things up!

  • I sent a message to phortran about it..
    In the meantime I'll get at it again tonight hopefully and let you know if I can work it out.

    I have a feeling that Live 9 requires a new version of LiveOsc to run properly.

  • mmm, i dont know about that, there have been a number of people successfully using the live 8 liveosc script.

  • yep RAH, it's working for me with the 8.3 version of liveOSC (I'm on PC)
    I think phortran said the 8.2 works for the MAC

  • yes, 8.3 should work for pc and 8.2 for mac!

  • great! but... can someone tell me how to setup properly the clip launcher page?

  • hi citizen insane, here's full steps to get clip launcher page working from nothing but having serialosc installed:

    -- Setup LiveOSC --
    1) download pages
    2) unzip it
    3) locate the Live 8.2.1 - Windows+OSX folder, go inside of it with finder so you see a LiveOSC folder, leave this window open
    4) open a new finder window and go to the Applications folder
    5) control-click on Ableton and choose 'Show Package Contents'
    6) go to Contents / App-Resources / MIDI Remote Scripts
    7) copy the LiveOSC folder from step 3 to this MIDI Remote Scripts folder inside Ableton
    8) Run Ableton, Live menu -> Preferences -> MIDI/Sync
    9) In an empty Control Surface dropdown choose LiveOSC. do not choose midi devices.
    10) LiveOSC is now set up and you never have to mess with it again

    -- Running pages --
    1) double click the pages-0.2a47.jar
    2) you will see an empty grey window with a File / Configuration / MIDI menu
    3) choose File -> new configuration and enter any name ("test")
    4) the configuration menu will now be selectable. choose configuration -> serialosc setup
    5) click 'Discover Devices' and click 'Add' on the discovered device
    6) This should create a smaller light grey sub window with a Page / Configuration / MIDI menu
    7) In this smaller window choose Page -> New Page and choose Ableton Clip Launcher Page
    -- Pages is now running talking to Ableton via LiveOSC --

    the only missing piece is midi sync from ableton to pages. this has been described in detail many times in the pages thead so please check there.

  • thank you very much! As soon as I can I will try to set all up by following this procedure!

    thank you again

  • I was just wondering what you altered in your newer liveOsc script?
    I'm trying to use liveOsc to build MLR inside ableton (so far pretty successful!!!)
    but was having trouble getting it working in live 9....Eventually (with some help) I realized that I just needed to recompile the old liveOsc in Live9 and it seems to work just fine so far.

    As the older liveOsc is working ok so far in live9, I was wondering if the stuff you changed was to fix any major issues (that I might run into), or if it was just for sleeker programming?

    So far I can see you changed the osc ports, and all of the .endPoint objects or .oscServer...

    (I also re-added the commented out playback position callback in the older liveOsc...does your support the playback position callback?


  • Is pages working with 9.1?

  • yep, it's working here

  • Yep, for me too.

  • hello HOW?

    the changes i've made to LiveOSC over the years have been minor and pages-specific, i wish i could be more specific but the details of each change elude me at the moment..

    i can tell you the port change was to play nice with mlrv which uses port 9000 for its own osc integration.

    i haven't looked at that playback position call in awhile! it does seem to no longer exist in my version. i had a lot of difficulty getting this to work right... let me know if you have any luck. i typed it all up once, i'll try to dig up the info..


    edit2: seems i'm using the /live/track/jump call which is still enabled in the LiveOSC i distribute w/ pages

  • ok, cool, thanks! If the tack/position callback interests you (or anyone), let me know...I'll send over my liveOsc that re-included it.

  • EDIT: hi guys, I'm on osx10.9 live 9.1, and pages-0.2a50 and monome serial, i got the clip launcher to work, but no led feedback... any ideas? thanks!

  • I would guess you have not set the midi up properly. You need to send a midi sinc from Ableton to pages so that the LED's will keep in time.

  • @grooveshysta, thanks but i dont get any feedback what so ever, the midisync is just there in order to blink the leds, no?

  • anyone else?