Several Issues (mlrv + technical stuff)

  • hey,

    recently i opened a thread about "half-bright monome buttons"...

    but this half-bright buttons issue isn't/wasn't the only thing:

    sometimes the matrix freezes,
    sometimes my monome doesn't react although each row is still moving,
    sometimes all LEDs turn off (but it still works),
    sometimes after it freezes i close mlrv and start the monome-test:
    the monome is either not available anymore or the just one row (vertical) lights up extremely bright...

    ...this stuff only happens while working with mlrv...!
    (sometimes some LEDs light up although monome is only connected with the computer and nothing else.)
    (sometimes an electrostatic sound appears when i touch the monome and it disconnects.....)

    i bought a powered usb-hub, because i thought my computer has not enough power to support the monome properly...
    the half-bright-button thing doesn't happen since then... but the other things still...?

    sometimes a few error messages appear in the max-window while working with mlrv:

    "bad arguments for message 'symbol'"
    "bad arguments for message 'set'"

    what's the origin of that? what's wrong? i can't figure it out..

    is there a way, except monome test, to check out if the monome is working correctly?
    i know there're those troubleshoot-monome-commands with that 5 OKs and stuff, but where can i see these OKs??
    (EDIT: useless for me, because i'm on windows7)


    some strange things in matters of save/load (mlrv):
    i save a preset, close mlrv, start it again, load the saved preset:
    the songs are just loaded in the dropdown menu but are not loaded in the visible interface........?
    i remember that it has worked properly a few days ago :D

    i mapped button 7 and 8 for changing presets back and forth, but when i try to change the presets, i mean change from preset x to preset y, i've to push the buttons about 5 times to get it. the presetnames are changing directly but the actual presets don't show up...

    actually i have a ton of another questions, but i hope that some problems will resolve itselves..

    galapagoose where are you? ;DDD
    joking aside.. can anyone help???
    hope i didn't explain everything too complicated..