Any simple way to split 128 into 2x64???

  • Hi...

    I would like to use some 64 apps with my 128 (The Party Van for first example...)
    Saw griddle but seems to be difficult to install and first of all not compatible with new serialosc 1.2 (the one i have:-)
    Read a thread on board, but seems to be unfinished...
    Am i wrong?Has anyone an idea??
    Is there another way to adapt application?


  • Pages - quadrants page - Two External applications

  • I have effectively used griddle for it, my conf files look like this.


    # virtual
    port = 3333
    size = 8, 8
    offset = 0, 0
    # physical device (8x16)
    m128-xxx = 0,0

    # virtual
    port = 3334
    size = 8, 8
    offset = 8, 0
    # physical device (8x16)
    m128-xxx = 0,0

  • pretty sure both these solutions use zeroconfig which has been removed since serialosc 1.2

    not sure if there is a solution yet other than using older serialosc.maxpat files in the patches and zeroconfig.

  • you can use griddle or pages for this and it should work with 1.2 if you follow the extra steps on this page:

    these steps apply for griddle as well.

  • Thanx to all...
    About griddle, i just don't know how to start the install...
    I'm really not into programmation...:-)
    The 2 "executable" files i get when dowloading the zip seems to be for windows...
    The griddle-splitter.conf file is actually script (if i'm not wrong) where do i copy this???

    Maybe i have to try pages...Actually i already tried before upgrading to serialosc 1.2, and it wasn't working (i think because i had to stay with a certain version of java to be able to run some other patches or apps - but i'm really not into this, as i said!)

    I think i also have to learn all about those zeroconfig, bonjour, ...

  • An axe will do it.