arc app: returns


    uses the anti-aliasing i mentioned last week.

  • Look forward to having a muck about with this after work. That keli Cain track is amazing.

  • Hello - is there a simple way to select cc midi out and a particular channel?
    I'm would like to send cc to my Moog SP on channel 12!
    thanks in advance.

  • cc is the number below the "value" box, but everything goes on ch 1. this would be a good update to add.

  • just updated the patch to have a dropdown selector for midi channel:

  • awesome patch...just been controlling aalto with it.

    how easy would it be to add a monome grid to this such that you could jump around a bunch of presets?

    e.g. arc knobs 0 1 2 3 mapped to cc 10 11 12 13 when monome button 0,0 engaged; arc knobs 0 1 2 3 mapped to cc 14, 15, 16, 17 when monome button 0,1 engaged.

    it may be too much to expect modulation of more than a certain number of ccs but even if you could jump around banks of ccs setting up static cc values and modulate a handful this would be effect it'd be a control surface for patching any midi enabled synth.

  • ooh, that'd be cool @knecht.

    'returns' opens at log in on my main computer. that and 'insanity'...

    i'm really hoping this is the kind of stuff that is easily accomplished on the aleph.

  • wow that was quick!- thanks Trent and Brian. nice app.
    Just getting back to my Monome's after 6-8 months hardware synths only.....keenly watching the Aleph dev also - beautiful work.

  • @dadek - i'm imagining that this will be pretty straightforward with aleph too - been thinking of creating a control surface for my evolver and mopho for a while because they're a real pain to setup via the limited knobs they have, it'd be nice to include an evolver style sequencer too...planning such an app for aleph amongst a whole lot of other things...