2012 256 trade for 128 plus ca$h - Melbourne AUS

  • Hey, I want to downsize my monome. It's a current model 2012 256 variable brightness, bus powered etc. Very light use, maybe a couple of hours total.

    Prefer a local trade for now. Any Melbournians looking to upsize?

  • What are you looking to downsize to Pat? I have a GS 64 but I'm guessing you might prefer a 128? (I have GS128 but it is my go-to monome, so couldn't part with it! Sorry!)

  • There is a Brisbane based muso typing here wondering how much extra cash you would want plus my 128?

  • depends on the model, is it a current one? if so around 500ish...

  • artpunk, as it says in the title i'm after a 128

  • Grayscale 128 perfect condition

  • 2011 sorry

  • @pat_00 - re: as it says in the title i'm after a 128... Ha! Was that always there in the title? I thought it simply said looking to downsize when I first replied. Oh well, just goes to show what your brain on night-shift is like!