monome class-compliant?

  • this is more of a question for tehn, but i'm wondering about monomes being class-compliant. is it on the radar? what's stopping that from happening? i really wish we didn't have to deal with all the ftdi shenanigans.

  • i've spent a lot of time looking into this.

    what's stopping it is a massive amount of r&d time and a ton of programming. initially the ftdi driver was a great place to be. obviously with operating systems evolving it's bad to rely on too many different providers.

    so it's on my mind, but i'm also pre-occupied with many projects at once. you're right though, i'll prioritize this.

  • would be very handy for eventual use with ios/android.
    +1 for this

  • +1 - even if this meant new hardware, it'd be worth it - plug and play, baby! (bearded, bespectecled baby)

  • Would this be something that could be updated on legacy devices, or would it only apply to new units going forward should the change be made?

    (Sorry if this is a stupid question. I have no idea how class-compliance is achieved.)

  • i'd say it would be a new logic board? not an easy undertaking...

  • it would require an entire redesign based around a uC that accesses USB directly. certainly a lofty and challenging goal...

  • Lofty, challenging, and so worth while!