Pointless Launchpad Update.

  • Knowing that a lot of us without funds for a two fifty six use a launchpad or two to supplement our buttonlust:

    I've watched the videos of the Launchpad S, and read the initial reviews... Has anyone yet understood the upgrade? Apart from a quicker refresh rate (the lag produced by my original Launchpad is negligable in comparison the lag of my soundcard (saffire) and the fact it uses midi) I'm not sure the appeal. Brighter leds? I never found the original leds to be particularly dim.




  • My point exactly.

  • having brighter leds is nice, imo.

    anyway, the original launchpad had some pseudo-MIDI that accepted 400 messages per second. according to the manual it takes 200 ms to update the LEDs.

    so hopefully the quicker refresh rate means it has real MIDI now.

    anyway, assuming the price is the same i don't see what's to complain about, honestly.

  • Not complaining, just... befuddled.

  • Exactly.

    The original Launchpad used a slower version of MIDI over USB than most devices. This is responsible for the lag, which is only negligible on some apps. Others become flat-out unusable. The new version finally corrects that, making it the device that its users have been pretending it was for years.

    Assuming monomeemu still works in serialOSC land, this might be worth having. The tradeoff of "uncomfortable buttons with ugly LEDs" for an affordable "one quadrant at a time 256" is probably fair, now that it performs up to speed.

    I'm not buying one. But I won't mock you for doing so. (Just the poor schmuck who ends up with your old unit. That guy, we can laugh at)

  • Absolutely not pointless for me, for 2 reasons :
    - Brigther leds.
    - Ability to change their IDs so several LP can be recognized by max.

  • Max should have been able to tell them apart before. Might have had to use the port ID rather than the device name, but there have to be workarounds...

  • @GreaterThanZero :
    nope, and i've contacted novation and max. It's impossible to sort them all. They are all called 'launchpad'. it drove me crazy.
    Can you imagine that : i've got a double setup (two LPs at home, and two others for touring, same usb hub at home and for tour). When i plug the 'studio LPs' in the exact same hub ports, they are not in the same order as the 'tour LPs'. And both are named 'launchpad' in max's list. Many times i ended up with led feedback going to the other LP. Extremely confusing...

  • the refresh rate is a big issue for me on some mapping intensive ableton sets I've created when switching between user pages so it's nice to see that being addressed

    really though my main problem with the damn thing is how big it is

  • I shouldn't laugh at that, but it's one of my smaller controllers right now.

  • really? takes up a good bit more desk space than my gs128 - nearly 30% larger in terms of surface area - I'd like to replace it with a 64 which would be nearly half the surface area usage, but besides the extra cost that would incur I enjoy the extra buttons, colors, and convenient plug and play functionality

  • So if max recognizes them as separate launchpads, we should be able to get all fake 128?

  • Sure, it does recognize 2 LPs, but doesn't know which is which.

  • What if you change the id from the bootloader? The other day, by entering the bootloader(hold the 4 last top buttons and plug the usb in at the same time and the first 16 pads are to change device id), I got to change the name from "2- Launchpad S" to "Launchpad S" only. Would that work? Or else I'll save for a 128 instead of buying a second launchpad. Thanks!

  • the funny thing though, is that on id 1 it's called "2- Launchpad S" and on 2, it's "Launchpad S" only! I didn't try the other ids.