snyderphonics jd-1

  • I searched the forums and didn't see a topic on this device, so not sure if this is old news (the Vimeo video says it was posted a year ago), but this is a very interesting device. the jd-1 is at the top, can't miss it.

    from what I can tell (aside from the high number of un-knobed pots and the keyboard), I see connections for ethernet, midi, banana jacks outputting cv to a serge modular, and USB. cool!

  • Yes, it looks cool, but have not heard much news about this in a while.
    Also, as a Manta owner/user I am definitely waiting for the MantaMate to be released, which would make it easy to interface Manta with CV compatibile devices. It's been in the making for quite a while now as well.
    I don't know if Jeff is working on anything new, but the development in these areas seemed to have been minimal. Hopefully things will pick up soon!