BEAP [within m4L]


    Although they are intended as stand alone MAX Patches, I've been exploring some of Stretta's BOME objects inside of maxforlive. If you haven't checked it out yet I HIGHLY recommend it. I've been very interested in the modularity of the objects particularly the monome examples, ESPECIALLY the re-written Polygome. I'm not sure if Stretta has plans to bring some of his BOME born Monome related objects into maxforlive patches, it's almost not necessary, although there may be some porting that would make sense (live.thisdevice instead of loadbang, midi routing, etc)

    Right out of the box, I've got the new version of Polygome running inside Live by simply right clicking in the max patcher window:

    Paste From: BEAP: Monome: Examples: Simple Polygome

  • Anyone played with BEAP: Polygome yet?

    Something's not right and I need help determining if it's me or a bug in the patch.

    I enable step record mode and try to record 8 identical notes. When I switch to playback mode I consistently get an unexpected octave or interval jump.

    I'm not sure if this is related to the octave shift or x,y interval options but when I tweak those settings I can't seem to get a basic pattern recorded w/ expected note playback.

  • i've noticed some glitches within BEAP polygome, but mainly stuck leds, that kind of thing. haven't noticed what you mention above.

    BEAP is truly amazing. just digging into it now bit by bit. it almost makes me want to buy an arc again...

  • just in case anyone missed it - stretta has posted a couple of videos showing you how to use BEAP within m4l