live 9 and mlr apps FAIL

  • i cannot make any mlr (m4l) app to work in live 9.

    i tried mm4l , and mlr 2.27(aes edit).
    the first one opens, but i cant load any audio.
    the second crashes live immediately after i place it in live session.

    any help/suggestions ?

  • Same here (actually a bit of a disaster for me, as I relied heavily on 2.27 aes for my jams...) Had the setup working perfectly in live 8, I reverted back to 8 for some of my stuff

    Same as for Pats, Live 9 crashes on device load.

    Anyone managed to fix this?

  • I was having this problem with a monomodular m4l device.
    I stumbled across a solution. Open the m4l device in live 8, hit the edit button, unfreeze the device, resave the device, and then it worked in live 9.

  • Been having the same problem.going to try your solution today.

  • I have been using this without any apparent problem..using 32 bit version of Live 9

  • still no luck.

  • Has anyone had any luck running mlr in Live 9?

    I've been using the mlr_2.27_thealphanerd_edit.amxd version and I did as suggested and unfroze the device in Live 8 and saved it down again. Still crashes in Live 9 though. I'm using the 32 bit version of Live btw.

    Any surefire steps i need to take to get it working?

    Thanks guys...

  • Hi

    So after a bit of trial and error, i managed to get this working... not sure if my issue is the same as experienced by others, but here goes.

    This is for the mlr_2.27_thealphanerd_edit.amxd version of MLR, but may apply to others:

    - open Live 8 and load MLR patch. Open the patch for editing in MAX MSP.
    - unlock and unfreeze.
    - Locate a subpatch called 'p subwin'.
    - delete it.
    - Leave patch unfrozen and save it down.
    - open Live 9 and load updated MLR patch.
    - Live 9 should hopefully not crash...

    Question is... what does the subwin subpatch do? I'm pretty M4L illiterate... so i don't know.

    Anyhow, hopefully this might help a few of you.

  • Anyone got a download of this. Don't have live 8 anymore and I really miss mlr

  • I'm really enjoying the smooth integration of elquinto's remix app and Live. It is the surefire solution you are looking for and more. Don't sleep!