houston show 4/20

  • hey all

    flcon fcker (cheesenoonions) and i will be playing a warehouse blowout this saturday in houston. it's gonna be super fun!

    6745 hurst st, houston 77008

    720 x 265 - 14K
  • damn bros...
    if i was there, id' be rocking my dirtiest thug wife beater and a baggy g-string...
    kill shit!!!!!!!
    kill it all!!!!!!

  • Anywhere else in tx you guys are playing or gna be?

  • Just for the bump. I hope some Texas 'nomers can make it. Make sure to introduce yourselves!

    @Tefnick No Sir E is leaving us right after the show, but I'm playing a few dates in Austin, and one in Lake Charles. Where else do you suggest?

  • I second @edison, but leave one single shit alive so it can tell others what went down.

    Also, if I was there, my g-string would be tight. I like my walnuts under strict control.

  • well shucks, seems like all the shits are dead, and everyone has probably changed out of their g strings. party's over and i missed it.

  • Is there any way I can get email alerts or something on my phone because this is the second show I've missed and I would pay 10 times easy what you guys are charging to get in. BOOOOOO! Are the posts going up the morning of the show or what?


  • @Active: Hell no! There are new shits to kill every day. Also, we never take our g-strings off here in San Francisco, no matter where they fall in the baggy/tight spectrum. In Houston they do it different, but it's the same principle. FCKER just wears an old wine cork with feathers in it.

    @Redoom: I seriously think Rob should hook you up with a special hotline for this much enthusiasm. Maybe try DMing him on Twitter - https://twitter.com/CheeseNoOnions/

    This is the one I wish I could have been at: https://vine.co/v/bUdbgimZTJJ

  • @redoom where do you live? Where can I find you on FB or twitter? I do the promotional stuff myself and it's mostly FB and face to face stuff in Montrose and The Heights. We have a site we update every show for sponsor purposes www.campuspresents.org, but checking that daily is no way to keep updated. Send me your info and I'll make sure I get you plugged in!

  • Oh and Josiah Gabriel almost caused a speaker transformer to catch fire. True story

  • I live just south of Houston and I don't FB or Tweet. Is email to ghetto for contact( jredou@gmail.com ) ? I guess I can get the others if I need to but I really don't want to miss another show.

  • I'll email you for the next show. We're hosting Exploded Drawing here in Houston July, btw. That should be an epic show. They're bringing a team of visual people. It's going to be way crazy.

  • Many Thanks!


  • I played the 2nd exploded drawing and also they're first year anniversary.

    What brings them to houston?

  • They've been taking themselves on the road recently. I'm playing in the 20th Exploded Drawing tomorrow. http://exploded-drawing.com/post/49267925737/go-to-our-rsvp-page-by-clicking-this-text-or-the