Brian Crabtree, very helpful & deeply cares about customer service for his creations!!

  • I just wanted to make a discussion about the help Brian has provided me over the past month. Maybe this will give iffy customers or Noobs some enlightenment on how great this particular company actually is.

    about a month ago I had discovered that my Arc2 was not functioning as it had when I first received it from the kind folks at Monome. I sent a simple email stating my issues and requested some help in solving them.

    As it turned out one of the encoders was damaged and Brian sent me the proper info in order for my Arc to make a trip to the east coast and get looked at. Upon arrival back to me on the west coast it still was not functioning properly and Brian allowed for a second trip, fixed the issues (probably himself this trip), and I am glad to say it has finally returned home today same as it was the very first day I received it.

    No questions asked, no hassle, no if ands or buts. THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE RECEIVED FROM ANY COMPANY EVER!!

    proud Monome supporter FOREVER!!

    dont question the quality or service of these folks, they are great!! and I highly recommend you become a part of this family if you have doubts about investing in any of their products

    Thanks again Brain, you've made my whole year!

    San Jose CA

  • Well said. In a world of poor customer service it is great when good service is acknowledged

  • hear here!

  • I will second this from personal experience!

  • Also, quality control.

    If it isn't obvious, Brian puts a lot of time into making sure your LEDs are consistent. Among other things. But that's the example I'm gonna go with, because we're seeing such a stark contrast to that with the latest competitor:
    "We conducted extensive usability testing with Push, and found that the minor variances in brightness did not detract from Push's usability."
    "Since slight LED color varieties are always expected, especially for white color, this issue won't be covered by the warranty."

    So, yeah. That's what mass production looks like.

    It's easy to forget how good we have it.

  • +1 awesome service

  • Got a new set of button pads from Brian for my gs128--at no charge, I might add, and shipped promptly--and it's been working better than new ever since. If more companies treated their customers like this, more companies would have loyal, and happy, customers.

  • I heard Brian and Kelli like to bathe in a platinum bathtub full of the blood of newborn babies. They wear nothing but top-hats all day and run around hunting humans as part of some most dangerous game on their catskills estate. I heard they killed a man in cold blood by bashing his head in repeatedly with baseball bats simply because he called the monome 'just a box full of buttons and lights'.

    I heard all of this from a friend of a friend of an uncle of a friend's enemy. So i know it must be true!

    And yet still, i can't argue with the exceptional customer service, care, and love at

    3 Cheers for Brian and Kelli! >:D

  • whoa, a little extreme there

    yes CHEERS to Brian and Kelli indeed!

    i am glad to see others have had similar great experiences

  • "I heard Brian and Kelli like to bathe in a platinum bathtub full of the blood of newborn babies."

    I always suspected that was just a front for Janjaweed militia forces!

  • i can attest to this. same deal as antiphon, even shipped to hong kong! thank you, brian and kelli.

  • @gtz: as an experienced white-led manufacturer, i've experienced and solved this problem. perhaps ableton might want an outside consultant...