How stable is serialosc these days? Should I make the switch?

  • I have been a gs 64 user for a few years now, and just recently I picked up a 256 from the yard sale.
    Since I have been playing gigs and relied on my monome to work I never made the switch to serialosc as my setup with Monomeserial was rock solid.

    Now that I have two devices to use together I am thinking that it might be the time so I can use max for live and max at the same time with the two devices.

    How stable is Serialosc these days?

    Macbook pro 15" late 2011, 8gb, i7.
    Osx 10.7.5
    Live 8
    Max/msp 5 + maxforlive.


  • pretty good i would say.

    there might be the usual monome kerfuffle getting set up but i use it with little or no issues on the same machine as yours.

  • no problems with me on a similar setup. just bear in mind that not every app has been adapted to work with the new version of serialosc

    give this thread a check to make sure your favourite apps will work properly

  • thank you this is good to hear. looks like i'll be switching pretty soon then. as soon as my dad makes me the wooden enclosure for my yard sale 256 =)