• http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/435742530/udoo-android-linux-arduino-in-a-tiny-single-board

    It's basically an overpowered Raspberry Pi that takes Arduino shields (such as the unsped one used to make Arduinomes).

    So, like, if you really wanted to run your Arduinome on Raspberry Pi, and using a USB cable to connect your Arduino to the Raspberry Pi is offensive to you for some reason, this could be your solution.

    (this assumes, of course, that the unsped shield works on Arduino Due. no clue if anyone's tried that. or why they'd bother when the duemilanove is still available)

    Really, this whole scenario is kind of a stretch. But you might be excited about it, as this is maybe a step closer to "running headless" (provided your setup is pd-based, at least).