New sequencer app "Fourby" - 128 + Max for Live - help me test it

  • This is a sequencer application designed for my live set I've been developing for a while. I'll be putting up some videos demonstrating it in action. It is 3 separate 16-step sequencers with ability to program very quickly. MLR type functionality is available for each sequencer. There are some other features to manipulate the sequences quickly live.

    You'll need a 128 monome (or 256) and Max For Live to use it. Download this folder and check out the operation notes and photos to get an idea how it works and the button layout. Then open the Live session "Fourby Live session.als" to test it. I loaded in one drum set and one percussion set already. Sequencer 1 is designed for drums, Sequencer 2 is designed for percussion or other sounds, Sequencer 3 is designed to route to an external synthesizer or internally to a soft synth.

    I'm looking for any feedback on how to improve it and fix any bugs.

    Here's an older video. Some of the features and buttons have changed since then, but this demonstrates the basic concepts.

  • really looking forward to checking this out... trying to connect my 256 through live 9 suite with max for live. can open the project files and all just fine, but can't connect my monome. seems your 128 is listed in the connection box and nothing happens in the drop down menu when i try to find my 256. sorry for being an idiot but do i have to add some sort of serial.osc in some pathway or something? i have the serial.osc in my main pathway for other apps... they just connect up, but i don't have any experience with this in max for live...

  • I'm not exactly sure. It always automatically refreshes the list for me if I change devices or use more ports with Pages. Is it the same if you open up the editor?

  • hmmm... i'll keep working on this. i'm getting some other odd behavior other places so maybe its my system in general. i'm very new to live and max for live, just got it last week. thanks again for posting this patch!!!

  • I cleaned up a few things in the patching and put all the notes into one document.
    New upload is here:

  • looks great! do feel free to use the wiki for hosting.

  • I'll do that. I'm going to put together a more simplified version for 64 grids so more people can test it out.

  • This looks great, but it crashes Live 9 on me - (Live 9, Max 6, OS X 10.8.4) - it starts a process mDNSresponder which takes up all the CPU...

  • It was build in Max5 and used with Live 8. So, I'm not really sure what the bug might be.