OT: taste the colors of our new site. win some free swag ::: digdugDIY.com

  • EDIT: the contest is over. but hit us up if you want some free stickers. thanks!

    gawk, point, point and laugh, space out. either way come join us for the launch of our new website


    find the hidden easter egg and win some free shit! first 5 wins!

    first prize includes this super fly pac-man ghost belt buckle + any tape or cd of their choice + a gang of stickers!!!

    the next 4 prizes include any tape or cd of your choice + stickers!!!

    please send me a PM or email @ . digdugDIY at gmail dot com

    the winners will be judged by timestamp of your msg or email

    feel free to discuss but please don't give it away if you figure it out!! <#

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  • You have all kinds of javascript errors goin' on.

  • oh word? lol had no idea

    would u care to elaborate on how that effects the site?
    i'm pretty much just learning this shit on the fly