bus powered usb repair

  • so, the usb connector on my monome broke last night (as i was setting up for my show, of all convenient timing.)
    the little connector nodule inside the monome broke off and got lodged inside the usb cable

    brian, (or anyone else) would it be in my best interest to just send it back to you for repair? i had a friend that said he'd most likely be able to fix it, but i'm not so sure if i want him to handle it. i don't have another show for a little bit, so i'm good for right now as far as timing goes.

  • unfortunately the usb port is the weak point. bizarre because we use nice components.

    go ahead and send it in. e-mail info@monome.org

  • Happened to me as well. This my theory on why:

    The cable that came w/ the unit was somehow sliiiightly mismatched with the routed hole so plugging in usually required a few attempts...Each failed attempt was actually placing pressure on the outer edge of of the usb connecter until eventually something breaks.

    Anyway, once I received mine back from repair I actually spent time shaving down a regular USB cable so that it was a straight fit. Also, I always leave it plugged into the monome now.

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  • we've never ever seen a broken mini-usb. i intentionally made the mount pretty tight as the wood will provide strain relief. the older units (gs64 etc) with the large usb can break when presented with substantial lateral force.

    luckily it's a pretty easy fix!